Fashion Nails summer season

Fashion Nails summer season
 Manicure summer season is very bright, positive, spectacular! Beautiful nails - this is a very important part of the image of each girl. If you change the color range of clothing need new solutions and manicure.  

The main feature of the fashion manicure summer season has become a trend to a reduction in the length of the nail. Trendy Summer Nails - is, first of all, short nails. Most designers believe that fashion should enter naturalness and convenience.

The color scheme of varnish, common in the summer season, includes gray, white, chocolate color with metallic effect, pastel colors. There was widespread varnishes silver, gold, copper.
Designers recommend this combination: bright manicure plus a neutral tone in clothes and pastel nail polish with bright costumes.

In the summer season topical moon manicure. Preference is given to the design of nails contrasting combinations. But it is worth remembering that the moon manicure nails requires round or almond shaped. This explains the fact that the actual paint nails with a small offset from the edge, because of this they look smaller and sleeker.
Matt effect - is another trend trendy manicure summer season. Latest varnishes that do not shine!

Fashionable welcome the summer season - a contrasting stripes on the tips of the nails. It turns something on like the French manicure. Variants color combinations here the mass.

If you are doing a manicure to a celebration, the preference is to give clearance rhinestones. It looks very luxurious.

In addition, the summer - this time of colors, so in the design of nails there are floral motifs.
Of course, the choice of design polish - a private affair of each girl. But it is worth remembering that trendy summer manicure helps rejuvenate the image of women!

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