Fashion jewelry 2011

Fashion jewelry 2011
 Jewelry - a great way to enhance the beauty and femininity. Unusual necklace, stylish bracelet or delicate beads will not leave indifferent woman. What is fashionable this season, and what you should pay attention to lovers of jewelry?

In 2011, the very fashionable layered ornaments made of colorful beads. Interwoven series of contrasting look both strict and elegant. Kits made of small beads can be life and monochrome. In this case, the favorites are the colors like black, white, pearl and all shades of peach.

Do not lose their relevance bulk metal necklace. These ornaments made in vintage style, decorate as strict business suit and evening dress. For those who do not like too much product, perfect necklace in a minimalist style, created out of brushed metal. Small crystals embedded in a metal look amazing.

Grace hands perfectly accentuate trendy bracelets. Bright plastic gradually going out of fashion, his place is taken by materials such as metal, wood, leather. Thick and wide bracelets demonstrate the natural beauty of the materials, and a variety of combinations of open space for the imagination of designers.

Still in demand vintage jewelry. Products made antique, can be decorated with natural, semi-precious stones or artificial. Magic agate, lapis lazuli, malachite garnet and captivates.

Second only to the necklace and bracelet are earrings. At the peak of their popularity dropping elongated shape model. Relevant as graceful, delicate earrings and mischievous articles having a fringe of beads or other materials. Retro style returns, gaining more and more fans. Long brush, huge rings, flowing strands - every fashionista will find something to her liking.

Fashion jewelry 2011 - is a combination of elegance and courage forms, natural materials and a mixture of styles. Beautiful decorations suited to any suit and will give its owner a unique style and femininity.

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