Diesel: Fashionable provocation for a successful life

Diesel: ? ?
 Diesel - relatively young, provocative and beloved by many brand name fashion apparel. This world-famous international company involved in the creation of denim, clothes and accessories. Undeniable style, luxury, elegance and casual clothing creative advertising Diesel distinguished from many others and make it recognizable worldwide. At present, the company has several design lines, each of which successfully finds its customers.

The founder of the brand is Renzo Rosso. A team led by Renzo was able to create a new one, no matter what it does not seem revolutionary concept of youth fashion. Inimitable style, youth chic, high-quality materials, bright and provocative advertising model - that is, as can be characterized to date brand.

 Renzo Rosso was born in 1955 in the north-east of Italy in the family of ordinary farmers. Of course, at that time, no one imagined that the boy refuses to continue the family business and interested in sewing. After school, Renzo enters the Technical Institute, where he taught textile production methods and through the production of stylish clothing. Then he decides to go to university in Venice, where listening full course of lectures on economics. This knowledge will help future designers throughout his career. In 1976, Renzo finds a job in a small company that carries out orders and distributes other brands.

 Name "Diesel" company receives in connection with the oil crisis of the 70-ies And, what is most surprising, for several years of hard work and the smooth operation of Renzo Rosso and his team released the first own line of stylish clothes. This collection is approved by the Italian public and give new impetus to Russia for further development. In 1980, the line goes Diesel Kids, and behind it - the women's collection Diesel. At that time, Renzo, acquired the remaining shares from its partners, has been the absolute owner of the brand and really wanted to sell their clothes in America. But the fact is that there is consumer demand was significantly lower than in other countries, where they sold clothes Diesel. And yet, it has not stopped enterprising designer, who eventually decides to focus on advertising.

 A single word should be said about promotions from Diesel. Legendary marketing ploy creative designer was able to increase sales in a few times, because its advertising can not be ignored. Russia, together with the advertising agency DB Paradiset removes spot called "For Successful Living" («for a successful life"). Shocking, nudity and sex scenes, of course, cause a disturbance in the bedrock and burdened the old foundations of the public. But this and sought Renzo. Because now talking about it all running smoothly, and it causes a collection arouses interest among the younger generation. Is not this is considered the best advertising?

 A feeling that his every success Renzo perceives as a new challenge to achieve new commercial and artistic heights. In the 90-ies out sports 55DSL collection and a variety of stylish accessories. In 2001, Russia launches a new line of Diesel Black Gold. It belongs to the luxury clothing, but despite the substantial difference in price, away from street chic designer did not want to. Line Diesel BG is available so far.

 "Eating for a successful life" - is the slogan that pervades all advertising campaigns, stylish collections, catalogs and photographs of the brand. The company, since 1994, through the work of several advertising agencies and creative designers have received many awards and prizes for his work, which has become a role model for many marketers and advertising specialists.

 In recent years Diesel has been not only the proliferation of fashionable clothes, shoes and stylish accessories, and home furnishings. For example, this summer Diesel together with the Italian factory released Moroso furniture collection Successful Living («successful life"). Sofas made in the spirit of daring by Diesel, combined with excellent Italian quality, promise to be comfortable and facilitate the successful life of their respective owners.

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