Bags: trends spring 2012

Bags: trends spring 2012
 Crazy speed of modern life dictates its own laws, but even incorporating into this rhythm, women want to be feminine and fashionable. One of the most important women's accessories - handbags, can help any woman to successfully cope with this task.

Advance preparation for the spring 2011 fashion designers suggest women are not shy in the experiments because welcome all possible shapes, sizes and bold combinations of colors.

Bright, cheerful colors

Their presence in the feminine wardrobe is quite clear - spring and summer the most joyful and colorful seasons. This also applies to bags - to replace a serious and sober colors of autumn-winter season will come bags energetic, joyful colors: red, yellow, turquoise, green, purple, blue, orange.

Combinations and inflorescences

The main distinguishing feature of the fashion spring-summer 2011 season - the color generous abundance. This flow of designer fantasies can be divided into two main areas. The first is the classic combination of colors - white, black, beige, red, blue. The second - rosy fantasy, such as orange and purple, yellow and pink.

Texture - different and very different

Mixing affected not only color but also texture. One model can combine different quality leather and tanning: straw, suede, textiles, lacquer. If you enjoy this "Compound" bag, imagine how it will be combined with the rest of your wardrobe.

Clutches - have become classics

The last few fashion seasons clutches hold steadfast women's interest and are very popular. In spring 2011, will delight women clutches rectangular metal clasps and various valves. The color of the clutch will be obliged to contrast with the rest of the outfit.

Long strap with ornaments

If you want to purchase a small bag on a long strap, and you want to choose a fashionable model, make your choice on one strap is decorated with fringe, chains, pendants and all kinds of other decorations.

Bulky bags - capacity and impressive

Spring 2011 contrasts not only with respect to colors and textures, but also the size. Along with the small size of handbags in fashion and will remain large, slightly baggy bags with a solid bottom and short handles.

Nautical style - at all times

Virtually no spring-summer collection, where there would have sounded sea theme. Here and on the catwalks of 2011, some designers have demonstrated a fun striped bag and decorated chelae. The traditional nautical colors - blue, white and red - this season add some sun yellow.

Fashionable prints as a general trend

This season we will be pleased with floral prints and ethnic motifs. Bouquets of flowers, decoration snakeskin, leopard print and zebra-print extremely in demand in the spring and summer of 2011.

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