The aroma of temptation

 It's no secret that in modern life odors language plays a huge role - aroma helps to make a career, destroy personal life, deprived of health, to attract customers, cure sores, to win strangers, make love or hate.

Each person has their own individual smell - this is confirmed by research scientists - is a mixture of synthetic flavors and natural smells, certain genes, skin type, hair color, temperament and diet. Human odors can be divided into related groups that play a role in the choice of a sexual partner.

It should be noted that the perception of erotic scents (which, falling into the air, are perceived by receptors sensitive olfactory organs that transmit "exciting" signal in the cerebral cortex, thereby adjusting the individual to perceive their sex), not all people are equally developed. These men are more susceptible. In case of violation of smell some men not only reduces sexual desire, but also lost an erection. Conversely, the sense of smell can be so tough that is considered a disease (giperomissiey). For example, one man because of this have more sexual problems. He could distinguish the smell of brunette blonde. Blondes smell drove him crazy. According to him, they smell like babies. Therefore, the "Beezer" mistress chose only natural blondes, and with them in bed with him all was well. A dark-haired woman with the guy did not work. While he understood from his problemkoy almost broke his family, as his wife "sick" took bleached blonde. And, of course, in intimate terms, the couple had a big problem. The situation changed only when his wife began to apply the "blonde" spirits. Something similar happens with women (but rarely).

Therefore, at present pheromones (volatiles) have been used even in animal mating cattle (but not in Russia). A question about human pheromones remained controversial until the mid 80s, when American and French scientists were able to isolate pure androstenone and androstenol. Sexual attractants androstenol universal effect on men and women, and find their application not only in sexual attraction. They are willing to buy in order to attract and location to their customers enterprising businessmen, shopkeepers, etc. And things are getting better at them, the client becomes more accommodating. Another pheromones androstenone - is the essence of male aggressiveness. Women and men it works the opposite - women attracts and repels men. Sold for $ 10-15 per gram.

So now more and more couples use erotic odors - attractants. For many, they are incredibly powerful stimulant, literally bewitching lovers. It is a pity that in Russia, this practice has not been developed. Our mentality does not allow many to cross the threshold of a sex shop and ask these interesting tools. After all, we have a similar flavor at times cheaper than in the elite salons of France.

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