The aroma of passion

 "What is the secret of its charm? » think we are looking at another nondescript-looking queen of men's hearts. The secret to this smell.

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Pheromones - Biologically active substances that cause the opposite sex sexual attraction on a subconscious level. Getting into the air, they are perceived by the olfactory receptors that send a signal to the brain that excites sexual instinct.

Saying that the woman conquers men their smell, we're not just talking and not so much about spirits, which she enjoys. "Magic" volatile substances produced in the body by special glands and are excreted in sweat. The more pheromone is released in the body, the more attractive sexually, he will appear.
But it happens sometimes that pheromones repel. This occurs, for example, if two people have similar immune system common genotype. Thus nature takes care of the inheritance of future generations.

Natural pheromones body are distinguished, as already stated, sweat glands. Particularly active they are produced in the armpits and other areas of hair growth. In men, the most powerful source of pheromones is the sperm; women large number of them contained in the vaginal secretions. Their composition, by the way, changes during ovulation. At this time, the active pheromones are able to make a woman a fantastically attractive to men, to push it to the extravagant and romantic gesture.

Bet on the scent

All this does not mean that, going on a date, do not take a shower. A trace amount of fresh sweat and vaginal discharge is sufficient to create the most attractive to men smell - the smell of the natural female body. No need to "hoard" the smell of a few days. But the use of antiperspirants should be careful: blocking the sweat glands, and they inhibit the production of pheromones, reducing sexuality.

The smell of the human body carries a lot of other information that strengthens or weakens the brain's response to pheromones. For example, the ladies sitting on a strict diet, hope for their pheromones is not: their skin has a peculiar odor due to the high concentration in the sweat of the decay products of protein. Pucker, resentment, anger and other negative emotions also inhibit the activity of pheromones.

Relying on pheromonesShould abandon the use of fixing means for hair: they form a film on the hair, blocking pheromone signal. Allocated for freedom hair spread pheromones much faster and stronger than those collected in strict hairstyle.

To enhance the action of natural pheromones applied perfume, having in its composition "invisible scent of passion." Included in the compositions of matter (androstenone, androstenol and others) are based on chemically pure pheromone person. However, the usual spirits with a pleasant aroma are not worse, attracting attention to their own body pheromones. And if the composition has a perfume compositionaphrodisiacs (Stimulators of sexual desire), the effect is further enhanced.

Everybody dance!

The most effective way to exchange pheromones is dance: the body warmed up by fast movements, begin to actively smelled. However, the response of partners largely depends on their individual abilities of perception cortex corresponding signals. Release subconscious reaction is sometimes quite difficult, and there must come to the aid of other means of seduction, which also should not be forgotten.

Olga Egorova

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