Niche perfumery. New items - Serge Lutens, Aqua di Parma and other

 Once plunged into the world of niche (selective) perfumery, it is impossible to voluntarily withdraw from it. These spirits, made of the finest ingredients finesse "noses" of our time, like some kind of magic potion - they differently disclosed on the skin, depending on the time of day, season, even moods, and fit both women and men. Niche brands do not advertise in glossy magazines and stuffed bottles of perfume shelves in stores, but, paradoxically, is becoming more and more fans who are tired of forged new products designed for average mass taste.

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Selective manufactured strictly limited edition, they can not be faked, and each new niche fragrance perfume becomes a real event. Women's magazine JustLady - on the latest developments manufacturers of exclusive fragrances.

Serge Lutens - Fille en Aiguilles

Kingniche perfumery and unrivaled maestro Serge Lutens fragrances released a new perfume inspired by a walk through cedar forest serene sunny day.Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles - A composition to tie together the flavors of the needles of pines and cedars, campfire smoke, juniper and unexpectedly flavored aftertaste of fruit later. According to the perfumer, a new perfume to recreate not only the smell, but also reminiscent of the sounds of the forest ....

Niche perfumery. New items - Serge Lutens, Aqua di Parma and other

Like much of Serge Lutens perfumes it - uniseksualny flavor, different drop-down at the men's and women's skin, but its name is a play on words, and can be translated as "The Girl in high heels." So Luten combines fashion and nature.

Keiko Mecheri - Crystal D'Ambre

New Creation Japanese Kudesnitsa Keiko Mecheri was named Crystal D'Ambre. Mecheria-san took to uncover the secrets of this seemingly long-known and beloved component as amber, and has succeeded in this. Aromas Keiko Mecheri - always inspiring sensation, combining delicate Japanese approach and outstanding talent of its creator perfume.

Niche perfumery. New items - Serge Lutens, Aqua di Parma and other

Crystal D'Ambre - A very gentle, and at the same time an independent perfume reminiscent of his character quietly sounding, but captivates from the first notes melody. And here you are disconnected from the usual daily hustle and focus only on her, trying not to miss. Mystic chords of amber and sandalwood background Suede, vanilla and light musk loop is complemented by nuances of benzoin resin and labdanum.

"Amber Crystal" concluded in a bottle of the new design of glass with faceted purple cap, reminiscent of vintage gem. Spirits are packed in cardboard ivory with black label and look classic and at the same time modern androgynous.

Annick Goutal - Mandragore Pourpre

This fragrance - a new interpretation of the bestselling House Goutal Mandragore. Perfumers Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen for years literally fascinated by the legends of the mandrake plant alchemists, capable, according to mythology, to heal, to inspire desire and even back to life.

Annick Goutal Mandragore Pourpre

Classic fragrance Mandragore based on fresh and woody notes, newMandragore Pourpre devoted to the dark side of the mysterious root - namely, its ability aphrodisiac. This chypre perfume spetsievy-linked notes of precious amber balms and oils, geranium and rosemary. Give him the amount of bergamot, mint and star anise flavored with a strong pinch of black pepper, and create a plume of powdery notes of heliotrope, sensual patchouli and Moroccan myrrh with the addition of smoke.

Aqua di Parma - Magnolia Nobile

Another fragrant masterpiece of the new exclusive line of Le Nobili («Noble") is dedicated to the famous Italian brand magnolia flower. Her cream-colored flowers resemble the touch velvet and delicate flavor is unforgettable and is not comparable with any other. That is why magnolia - a favorite embodiment of femininity.

Aqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile

Italian shore of Lake Como, is dotted with luxury villas, from time immemorial owned by the cream of society. At each turn if played representation rushing water in the fountains, ancient sculptures cast weird shadows, the sun plays on the ancient mosaic. Intoxicating aroma of blooming gardens hovers here, and the leading role it performs magnolia. Recreating the atmosphere of this unique is the basis of the legendMagnolia Nobile. Innate gentility and genuine natural - that's what characterizes this fragrance, is what distinguishes a woman, which it is addressed.

Unlocks crystal perfume notes of bergamot and lemon peel, exploding generous floral bouquet of rose, jasmine and tuberose. The most amazing thing in this flavor that line magnolia felt as something to stand apart, protagonisticheskoe - it is not mixed with other colors and smells not enter into dialogue with them, and soloist. Base notes of sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli and vetiver oil is left fresh and at the same time warm aftertaste - a real Italian noon!

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