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 The term "elite perfumery" occurs frequently in the press, television and, of course, the Internet. However, often the products, which is called the elite, to put it mildly, does not meet the definition. Sometimes the "Fragrance" is called perfume or cologne for promotional purposes, but nothing to do with this elite they have not. What is the difference between an elite perfumes from another? Try to understand.

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Elite in French means - the best. Fragrance - selected fragrances, selected compositions, the most-scented funds. This is a completely new variations of odors developed over the years well-known and talented perfumers.

In the production of luxury perfumes are used the most advanced technology to produce the individual notes of the composition. Apply expensive, sometimes quite unusual ingredients.

To get a flavor that will surprise, amaze, inspire - manufacturers use high-quality components that meets current environmental requirements.

Famous Perfume House try to buy only natural raw materials, which is an order of magnitude more expensive than artificial. And this, in turn, is one of the determining factors the cost of luxury perfumes.

Luxury Perfumes - Product of the highest quality, therefore, its cost should be appropriate. You can not pay a penny for the perfume and enjoy deep exquisite aroma. Sufficiently high price - a mandatory attribute of luxury perfumes.

Another important difference is the brand of luxury perfumes, well proven in the global market. Name perfume is of great importance, because it is the quality, time-tested.

By perfume elite class, for example, include the brand:

Chanel characterizes the probity and style;
Estee Lauder - Elegance and refinement;
Christian Dior - A classic fashion. Perfume Christian Dior always accurate addition to any image created by fashion designer;
Giorgio Armani determines the sensuality and tenderness;
Lancome - The magic and mystery;
Valentino - Freshness and tenderness;
Yves Saint Laurent - Indispensable notes of freedom and confidence in the modern world.

Each of these houses is the parent unforgettable fine spirits, and almost all of them are very popular so far. Product elite class - this perfection perfume art, not passing over the years.

For high class applies perfume brands such asMEXX, Marina De Bourbone, Salvador Dali and others. The representatives of this group are more likely to produce new compositions. Combining incongruous, experimenting and playing with stand out from the new notes in fragrances.

An important attribute of luxury perfumes is a bottle. Designed for luxury perfumes are developing real artists and professionals. The bottle is now not just packaging for perfume is a luxury item. Gift options perfume reminiscent of works of art are not only a pleasure to use, they can simply enjoy.

Ian Keith

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