The philosophy of the perfect bedroom

The philosophy of the perfect bedroom
 What determines the perfect dream? First of all come to mind the following factors: a good mattress, clean linens, darkness and lack of sound. Everything seemed to be. However, if you decide to redecorate the bedroom, you should also pay special attention to its well-designed interior. Arrange the perfect bedroom you will help the following tips.

Bedroom should arrange a room that at least all the other natural daylight. The bright sun will only violate morning sleep. If your apartment is located on the lower floors, the bedroom is better to take the room whose windows are shaded courtyard branches of trees.

In an ideal bedroom should be no equipment, for example, a huge plasma TV with powerful speakers or computer. Bedroom - a place to sleep, which must be used for its intended purpose. Therefore, the technological benefits of civilization is better positioned in the other rooms, the bedroom and make free zone progress.

Choosing a color scheme bedroom interior, stop for pastel colors, such as light beige or pale lilac. Quiet shades will promote relaxation, and bright - to excite the nervous system. To design the bedroom did not come out too dull, pastel shades can be basic, but add to it the elements of the saturated colors. Just do not overdo it. Such elements, for example, can be a bright light and aroma pouf.

To get a stylish bedroom design, at least once, repeat shapes and materials. If your bed has forged parts, purchase accessories like pens chest. If the room has a rounded object, for example, poof, it is desirable to duplicate this form by choosing the wallpaper with a round ornament or a round mirror.

Bed is better to locate such a way that it was not in front of a window or door. If space allows, do not put a double bed against the wall: it must be free passage on both sides.

Do not skimp on the body of the bed. Choose body with duct on the lifting mechanism, not the emptiness beneath. Podkrovatny box - ample storage space for seasonal items, and the body with the emptiness only collects dust and does not allow efficient use of space. For a good double bed with box for hoist sure to get a quality mattress. All this requires a significant investment of capital, but it's worth it.

If your bedroom is not very big, it can visually enlarge the space with a large mirror, a built-in cabinet door coupe. By the way, to make maximum use of the space inside the cabinet, divide it into two parts: one half of the scroll for clothes and underwear that are stored on shelves and in boxes, the second - under clothing stored on hangers.

To give the interior a bedroom completeness, essential to install the lamp for the dressing table and bedside lamp. These elements, as well as ceiling fixture, must fit into the overall design of the bedroom.

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