Art workshop in the bathroom

Art workshop in the bathroom
 Our kids love to do something with their hands. One of the favorite activities is drawing them. Well, if the child is already well-developed motor coordination, and it does not spoil everything around during class drawing. And if your baby is still quite a pipsqueak? Forbid him to paint until you grow up? Of course not. Loving moms are ready to do anything to the baby was interesting. They are always ready to wash clothes after school drawing, and along with it and wash the room, because the kid imagination knows no bounds.  

There is one way that will save mothers from constant washing clothes and washing floors and furniture. Try to organize a drawing lesson in the bathroom. This will love and you and your baby. In addition, the kid and help in the removal of their arts.

Organize such an art studio in the bathroom is not difficult. The wide variety of products for children's creativity and care, you can always find the materials safe for such work and did not present any difficulty when flushing. As the coloring material, try using finger paints. They are safe for the skin of the child and yourself easily washed off with water. You can also look at children's specialty store soap crayons. They are well painted on the walls and on the tile, and then well washed off.

If for some reason you are unable to find a safe means for drawing, try to make them yourself. By the way, the child to the manufacture of paints, too, can be involved. Using papa shaving foam and special food colorings, such as eggs, can make several kinds of inks. Use your imagination, and you will spend time usefully.

If the child does not immediately understand what you want from him, as in the bathroom are usually a few other games, show an example. Try to draw something on a wall. Start with the most simple to the child was not difficult to repeat it. Sure, the kid will like your idea and he was happy to join you. You can draw your fingers, hands, you can use a brush and all kinds of materials. Here, everything is again limited only by your imagination.

Once you have finished lesson, you will need to wash everything and everyone. Kid gladly will take part in the flushing from the walls of their arts, if you let him do it with soul. Then you wash the baby, bathroom, introduce myself up, and everyone will be happy.

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