Warmth and comfort in the home: how to choose fireplace

Warmth and comfort in the home: how to choose fireplace
 Fireplace is not just an element of interior or heating means, it is a symbol of unity of the family. Therefore it is not surprising if it is the opinion of a woman - homemaker - will be crucial and weighty in the selection of the fireplace.
 Fireplace in the first place, be associated with pleasant thoughts and feelings. And to avoid confusion among the vast diversity should divide them into several groups. And only then determine which of the fireplace is ideal for your home.

The group with an open flame fireplaces are wood and gas fireplaces. In contrast to the electrical, they are quite flammable. Although these fireplaces is most associated with the comfort of the room, their efficiency is about 25%, whereas the efficiency of electric fireplaces - more than 80%. Therefore, it is important to determine what the actual fireplace longer needed - for heating or decoration.

Fireplace is not in the room as a separate part of the furniture. This is a very important subject in the interior. Allocate 4 style fireplaces - a classic, modern, country, and hi-tech. Any fireplace must comply with the overall style of the room, or a room should match the style of the fireplace. It's whatever you want. But one thing is important to the fireplace and the room were one in everything.

And different ways of installing the fireplace. It may be near-wall - this is when the chimney, furnace and other parts are attached to the wall. But to establish a fireplace, you can only in large rooms, because it takes a lot of space. Built-in fireplace is recommended to do more with masonry walls, as part of the chimney and firebox are placed directly on the wall. Of course, the built-in fireplace can be installed in a residential area, but it will take to hack a niche in the wall of the chimney and firebox. You can also select a corner fireplace. It does not take a lot of space, and will save some space for a family vacation area. The chimney of the fireplace is hidden in the wall.

But what would the fireplace you do not have preferred it is important that you like it, even in idle state. After all, most of the time the fireplace will still unlit.

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