The interior in the style of Provence: cozy and fashionable

The interior in the style of Provence: cozy and fashionable
 In the view of each person's own home - it is, above all, warmth and comfort, a place where rest the soul and body, and the cares of the day fade into the background. Home atmosphere is felt in virtually every piece of furniture, in things, sometimes simple but cherished household; some of them may have enjoyed more than one generation ... Comfort and historic charm especially felt in the style of Provence.  
 First of all, the style of Provence distinguishes colors of the interior. In general - is pastel tones with splashes of bold color accents. The walls are whitewashed or executed in soft terracotta, green or blue shades. Materials for their finishing and decoration of the ceiling are rough plaster, brick and wood.

Furniture, mostly wooden, usually also crumble in light colors, but more vivid - yellow, lavender, terracotta, turquoise or aqua color. All this creates a feeling of warmth and sun of eternal summer.

Another important focus is the shade style of antiquity. The atmosphere is designed to create the impression that the house has already lived several generations, that he is a reliable and habitable. Therefore, objects and materials that are used in the decoration should like to bear the imprint of time. This is reflected in the various cracks, scrapes and chips on the surface.

Furniture is usually a wooden or wrought iron, and particularly welcome simplicity. Seeing the cabinet or chest of drawers in the room (which, incidentally, unlike the walls are painted in bright green, blue, red and brown tones and the facade ornamented with flowers), you have to understand that this thing faithfully served the family for centuries. To do this, designers are widely used methods of artificial aging.

Crude and simple at first glance turns out to be the floor. It's either a big, rough tiles or floor, nastelenny of painted or rough boards. But when you feel your feet, how nice to walk on this natural cover, you will see that the best material for the body just does not happen.

Pleasing to the eye and to the touch "Farm" textiles, it's always natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, cotton, batiste, satin, etc. Ornamented with flowers or they, or strip, but the colors should be warm, soft colors to accentuate the warmth and comfort of your home.

In creating the necessary atmosphere of Provence style lighting plays a significant role. Are most suitable for such an interior wrought iron chandeliers, perhaps imitating vintage lighting with candles. Table lamps, small lamps under shades, wall sconces can be self-colored or have a relaxing floral ornament.

An important element of this style are the accessories. Sophistication and comfort of home walls give the little things without which no cost, no family. Cushion with embroidery, porcelain figurines, boxes "secrets", painted vases and mandatory photo in vintage frame on the wall, too, suggests that this is not just a house, a house with a long and interesting history. Complement and enliven the situation living plants, which further will be reminded of the sunny south region - Provence.

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