The big secret of a small apartment

The big secret of a small apartment
 The most important problem in small apartments is the lack of space, because not all live in large apartments, and mainly in the standard "odnushki" or "kopeck piece." And you have to have a tremendous imagination to figure out how to stay in such cramped conditions. And first of all we should not think about beauty and how to correctly position all at the same time to be comfortable. If you properly use the space in your small apartment, you can visually enlarge it.  

The surest way is that you need to replace your large sofas, tables, etc.. d. at least small. Suppose, for example, a large sofa can be replaced by "corner" or on the bed, "transformer", it will help you save a little space. Get rid of unnecessary things you do not feel sorry for them. If you have one room, you can make partitions in the form of blinds, sliding doors made of transparent glass, bar, curtains. TV you can put on a bracket bolted to the wall. A computer desk with lots of shelves and drawers can replace your wardrobe, in it you can put anything you like. You can use the mirrors from floor to ceiling and due to this you will get a stunning effect. Also, you can paint your walls in bright colors, it also helps you to visually enlarge the space, but the ceiling must be a little lighter, it will help you to increase the length from floor to ceiling. 

You can also play with the light illumination, if you have the room is bright, it will make it much more spacious. Try to put on the shelf (which can also be bolted to the wall) different figurines, crystal sets, but do not use small parts. To increase the space necessary to use large statues, but not too bright and not spotted.

The kitchen you can also expand the hanging kitchen cupboards on the wall, you can put there products. And on the floor to put a table and chairs. Bathroom can be combined with toilet (removing the partition) and you will have space for washing machine. In the hallway you can put a large walk-in closet to the ceiling, he holds a lot, and you will not have to put a few cabinets for clothes and shoes. At the very dressing room, you can hang a mirror.

As you know, there are many ways to visually enlarge a small apartment. One need only a little imagination and your apartment will be transformed.

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