Terms phyto

Terms phyto
 Houseplants can decorate any modern interior. This is the most affordable for home decoration. With the leaves and flowers of various shapes and colors can give a room a special charm. However, to make their homes in the Garden of Eden is necessary to know a few rules.

The room will look stylish when the hue of colors will match the tone for furniture upholstery, wallpaper and curtains.

Especially look beautiful flowers on a light background. If you have a fine pattern wallpaper, perfectly suited plants with large leaves. Bright eye-catching wallpaper well with ferns.

The spacious room has a large plant - a tapeworm. It can not only beautify marvelous angle, but to divide the space into individual areas. It is usually put away from the other colors.

But small plants are placed in groups. Besides the fact that they cover each other's shortcomings, it is more convenient for them to look after. The main thing to pick flowers with similar watering, light and so forth.

When forming a flower arrangement, a tall plant is set to the background. In front of him and put a small flowering. The composition will acquire perfection and special grace, if the top to put the whip pendant plant.

Visually enlarge the size of the room you can use the palms. The main thing that they have delicate leaves.

The apartments with low ceilings set narrow tall plants. They visually make the ceiling above. If the room is necessary to slightly reduce the use pots ampelnyh shapes or flowers with spreading leaves.

If necessary, the room can be divided into separate zones. For this purpose, the compositions are produced using plants of varying heights and shapes of leaves.

The most beautiful place we put the plants in the living room. However, if the room is small it is not worth much force. Look beautiful flowers by the window in containers made of glass, where you can add moss, pebbles, driftwood interesting.

The bedroom is also not necessary to overload. Pot with flowers on the bedside table will suffice. In this case, the pot will look spectacular, if it wrap fabric matching curtains and bedspreads.

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