Secrets of proper lighting

Secrets of proper lighting
 When you create a unique interior for apartments should not forget about such an important nuance, such as lighting. Properly chosen lighting give the room the right mood and hide the shortcomings of planning. How to create a unique atmosphere with light?

Familiarity with the house going on in the hallway. This is the first impression of the apartment, and so there must be a light that will visually expand the space, make the hall style. Better to combine general and local lighting, for example, is located on the ceiling of a large lamp and a mirror - two sconces on each side.

The living room looks good large chandeliers. Around the cozy armchairs and sofas very appropriate wall lights and floor lamps comfortable. In the living room is a work areas set table lamps. The right solution - a combination of three levels of light.

If the apartment is a study, it is necessary to take care of it right light. No glare on the computer screen! Lamp on a flexible stem - that we must choose to work at the table. All lights should be of approximately equal intensity to the eyes do not get tired.

The most fun room - children, and lit it should be good. Children do not have to strain your eyes when reading or playing. However, please note the following: all the lights should be hung high and be made of unbreakable materials. It is better to use plastic ceiling lights without legs.

The bedroom is appropriate mix of chandeliers and wall (or bedside) lamps. Better if the devices will have a feature to adjust the level of light - as you can read in bed and take a nap with a muted lamp.
Bathroom lighting is very important, because with bath starting our morning, then you take a shower and, more often, impose makeup. Bright light for a good mood and closed lamps with halogen bulbs for compliance with safety measures (in the room humid) - that's what you need to the bathroom.

In the kitchen, as well as in the bathroom, a bright light is important - here you cook, use sharp knives, and lighting should be good. Very comfortable suspended ceiling that can be raised and lowered.

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