Rented apartment: how to make it more comfortable

Rented apartment: how to make it more comfortable
 Any rental housing or stores fingerprints of past life tenants or completely faceless. Change the wallpaper or furniture take you hardly allowed, but you can make someone else's apartment more comfortable using other, less radical, changes.  
 Other people's things (dishes, blankets, pillows) can be removed to where they will be permanently out of sight - in closet, balcony, build them for hanging shelves, etc. Free yourself space and define the field of activity - within these limits you will have to "work". Rented apartments are often small, so you need to visually enlarge the space - purchase or use a wall mirror dressing table in order to expand the area of ​​the room. SLR is better to locate objects in front of the window.

Replace textiles - curtains, bedspreads, blankets on the furniture. Such acquisitions will not be too burdensome financially, but help create a pleasant atmosphere. Monochromatic light curtains let in the sunlight of the material, the table can cover a beautiful tablecloth on the couch to put a thick blanket. Upholstery change you are unlikely to succeed, but you can buy calico seat covers chairs and throw on the chair cushion.

From the old, featureless and shabby furniture you just do not get rid of. And change her look too problematic. So try to use decorative techniques to give the room a touch of sophistication and antiquity - put in a cupboard clock with metal housing, several ceramic or glass candlesticks, old-fashioned plaster figurines.

In a room with dirty wallpaper unpleasant to be, so ask the owners permission to replace the wallpaper - if the old coating, they are likely to agree. Favorite paintings and reproductions can be attached with adhesive panels that can be easily removed and leaves no traces. Disguised as stains on the walls, if the owners against minor repairs.

Make a safe place cheerful - a bright accent in the form of soft padded stools, cushions, plastic colored stools, etc. These things are cheap, but they can be used to transform the gloomy dwelling.

Fill the room with their things - memorable photographs, toys, children's crafts, favorite books, etc. Highlight a separate corner in the room where you put things dear to your heart - your home will be transformed removable and will remind you of home.

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