Pond in the country

Pond in the country
 If you still think that the cottage - a small house and a wry kilometers beds, you are deeply mistaken. Modern country house - a comfortable place for the whole family. On the plot there is a place for a few beds, and sun loungers, and even for decorative pond.
 Moreover, a pond in the country can be quite easy to make your own hands, you only need to consider a few highlights. First, select the location for the pond: the pond should be seen, especially if a family has young children. Next trees should not be otherwise falling foliage will contaminate water. It is desirable that the pond illuminated by the sun no more than 6 hours per day, otherwise the water will breed bacteria and algae.

Select a location for the pond, decide with its geometric shape. Classic pond has a round, oval, rectangular or composed of combinations of the described forms.

The surface of the pond can be flush with the surrounding ground, but you can make a raised pond. This option is especially good if at their summer cottage is not enough space.

Summer pond can be done in several ways. For example, of the film. In the chosen location dig a pit to a depth of five feet. Seal it with sand and the bed dense film of PVC or of thick waterproof material, which can also withstand temperature extremes.

Do not use a conventional polyethylene - it will serve no more than two years, then its density will be broken. Choose butyl rubber tires - it has a high resistance to sunlight and will last more than 50 years.

Please note that the color of the film may affect the general appearance of the pond. Black bottom of the pond will turn into a mirror reflecting the sky. Blue background looks neutral and beneficial shades of colorful fish, if you decide to decorate their garden pond.

Film edge lock in position - close turf, fasten decorative pebbles or tiles. Additionally, the bottom of the pond can be filled with coarse sand or gravel. To prevent siltation in advance elaborate system of filtering.

Even easier to make the pond from the finished polymer capacity, which can be purchased at any store construction materials. Advance Dig a hole, put back the purchased capacity, tamp and outside sprinkle sand. Option is more difficult: install capacity in the form of a special waterproof concrete. Now fill the bottom of the container with soil, plant the aquatic plants, and the upper edge of the mask stones.

Choose containers made of fiberglass with rubber base - a pond on their basis will last more than 25 years. This material is resistant to low temperatures, sunlight and safe for the environment.

Pond at their summer cottage requires careful maintenance. With the help of special nets, clean water from the leaves and insects. In the pond can be planted water beautiful flowers, fish, or even start to make the backlight - it all depends on the flight to your imagination. Think carefully about water purification system - buy pressure filter, it will greatly facilitate the care of the pond.

In the center of the pond correct form will look especially good fountain, just install it so that the water does not get on shore plants. Closer to winter, the pond needed to cover a special fine mesh to protect from falling leaves and dirt. Plants in the pond as it is more convenient to land in special baskets - they will be easier to move and clean for the winter.

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