Making youth apartments

Making youth apartments
 When young people are pulled out from the care of their parents and begin to live separately, they want to furnish their living space originality and creativity. They do not fit the style of the older generation, they choose the latest fashion trends in the design of the room or apartment.
 For registration of youth apartments perfect style pop art. This design is very ordinary, bright and modern. This style has become very popular because of its opposition to conservatism, tradition, and even the generally accepted rules of modernism. Because of juicy color brightness pop art not every person can be comfortable in a room decorated in this style. But young people enjoying the play of colors and unusual combinations.

Do not be afraid to mix colors. Contrast and acid tones are welcome. The colors should be in harmony with each other as you see fit, not as it is customary. The whole point of pop art. The most popular color scheme - a mixture of black and white. Try to avoid intermediate shades of gray.

Use many different collages, posters and prints to decorate apartments. Hang in your room or bedroom posters. A picture of your idol may also be present in other decor elements: bed linen and cushions. For interior decoration use more gloss: crystals, silk, shiny thread, glass, lacquer, plastic, synthetic bright and much more.

To choose a bright light bulb (can be colored). At the request of use LED devices, neon lights. Advisable to buy furniture can easily be transformed, it is suitable for pop art style and will save you a seat. Try not to clutter up the apartment. For small area pick up the most essential pieces of furniture and nothing more.

Buy high cabinets that allow you to use vertical space and release the horizontal. Avoid a large number of sharp corners, sofas, tables and ottomans can be round. Select upholstery of leather or artificial leather. Put into the living room a large round carpet and overlaid it with pillows, you will have a place of rest on the floor.

Do not be afraid to choose the unusual decor or furniture. Decorations you can make yourself improvised. Do not rush to dispose of unusable thing, think about what it can turn.

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