Magic female corner

Magic female corner
 Female corner in the house or apartment - a space decorated for the fair half of mankind. There's a woman surrounded by her lovely items and the right can relax from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Female modern boudoir area and past times are similar in their purpose - they are designed to serve the women surrounding her coziness and comfort, give delight her eyes. In the beautiful ladies novels the heroine is in her boudoir took their lovers. Originally, this room was designed to change clothes, bathing and sleeping woman.

In modern boudoir called not only space, but also furniture, which necessarily includes a dressing table with lots of drawers and compartments for storing knick-knacks and souvenirs. Now not all women have the opportunity to distinguish himself personally the whole room, so it's more in the corner of a bedroom or other room. To separate this corner of the main room, you can use the screen - it serves as an additional decorative element in the interior.

It may well be that you do not want to furnish their personal space as it did before, but gradually will enter your feminine area in the interior of the room. In the boudoir importantly, to serve and posted personal tastes mistress gave her comfort.

Ideally boudoir - is a set of premises, consisting of bedroom, bathroom, dressing room and office, but most women can not afford such a luxury. Therefore, decorate your area according to your liking, using a minimum of furniture. Dressing table or mirror must be present, as well as a soft comfortable chair or a couple of chairs for an intimate conversation instead of chairs is perfect couch or settee. On the floor lay a fluffy mat to keep your feet do not feel cold.

Pattern the little world of his small paintings in a beautiful frame, mirrors and pictures of loved ones. Can be hooked to yourself a few houseplants. Pads of different shapes and colors also find their rightful place as lovely ottoman, along with a small coffee table or a serving.

Hang or stand with small lamps or sconces, creating a mysterious atmosphere and giving local intimate light. Candles in candlesticks beautiful boudoir fit perfectly. Most importantly - prove itself and your loved ones that you deserve to have their private space to which no one will encroach!

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