How to choose a flowering houseplants

How to choose a flowering houseplants
 At present, the choice of flowering houseplants in shopping centers is so great that you can get lost in the proposed diversity. Growers can easily pick up a pet, whether it is common or rare exotic flower instance. But to pet feast for the eyes for many years, you need to properly select it.
 In many states of the Ancient World (Egypt, Greece, the Roman Empire, etc.), people decorated their homes with plants that grow in their home areas. But gradually, on a window sill and began to appear in the greenhouses flowers, imported from around the world. Science also contributed to the increase in species diversity houseplants. Due to the selection and to this day there are new varieties, striking in its beauty and unusual coloring. However, choosing the store room flowers, should take into account some points to your new pet did not die in a couple of weeks from the date of purchase.

The first is something we need to consider - is the time that you can devote your pet. After all, there are hardy specimens that do not require a lot of attention and ability to grow in satisfactory conditions, for example, sparmaniya, Cleve, impatiens, Zigokaktus (Decembrist) and many others. Whereas for other growing need lots of patience, certain skills and abilities. It is to such plants are orchid, gardenia, azalea, begonia, fuchsia, etc.

Another important factor that you should consider when choosing a flowering plant - a microclimate home: temperature, humidity, light. So much for not enough lighted apartment or north windows are ideal shade-loving or shade-tolerant flowers: ofiopogon, hibiscus, some varieties of begonias, camellias, violets, etc. Good about themselves will feel the winter in a cool room cyclamen, camellia, azalea, Cleve and others. Increased temperature and humidity need Clerodendrum, orchids, Crossandra, Eustoma grandiflorum, etc.

In addition, you should pay attention to the toxicity of the plant, especially if a family has children and pets. To the beautiful but deadly flowers belong to the family kutrovyh: plumeria, Allamanda, katarantus, byumontiya, Mandeville, Carissa and others. But most are poisonous Adenium and oleander. Their leaves, juice and seeds contain substances that lead to heart failure and breathing. Toxicity are also all sorts and types of lilies. Their leaves are poisonous and strong aroma of flowers may cause dizziness, fainting, allergies.

Regardless of what you choose to plant, it must have a healthy form uniformly colored leaves (no yellow spots and unusual plaque), stems - no rot and blackened foundations. In addition, try not to buy the plant in the flowering period, as it is at this time is sensitive to the change of conditions and may die.

Give your care, love potted flower, and it is sure to delight you with its lush flowering.

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