Flowers in the interior

Flowers in the interior
 Flowers bring in the interior of the apartment comfort and particle nature. But in order to become worthy of interior decoration, they need to ensure befitting conditions and care. By purchasing potted flowers, try to find out the features of the pre-care. Beginners in floriculture is better at first to decorate your home unpretentious flowers.

Flowers in the interior - a particle of nature, has beneficial effects on the psyche and human health, a source of positive emotions.

Plants do not just decorate the interior, with their help you can visually change the dimensions of the room. If the room is high, a large plant, for example, a palm tree, it seems high ceilings and large, than it actually is, the volume of the room. And if the ceiling in the room is really too high and uncomfortable, you can mitigate this impression with ample plants hanging from the ceiling shelves.

But most of all colors in the interior are limited to a separate pot, standing on a window sill. These pots are almost do not attract attention. If you want to give the room comfort, create a spectacular composition by combining several potted plants in a large container, in hanging baskets, planters, or placing them on a multi-tiered stand. Looks nice mix of plants of different heights or contrasting color.

However, the composition can create only those plants which are similar to the lighting requirements. For example, shade-loving ferns wither on the south window, and the light-loving coleus on the north window, ugly is pulled up, trying to light.

If the room window faces north, it can be positioned close to the flower arrangement of ferns, dracaena, monstera, kalanchoe, arrowroot, ivy.

On the south window or near the well will feel croton, Coleus, dieffenbachia, coffee tree, citrus and cacti.

To the east window fit myrtle, Saintpaulia, asparagus, Fats, various kinds of figs.

Window facing west, decorate begonias, fuchsia, spiderwort, anthurium, kordilina.

Shade plants, those that are suitable for the north window, and can be placed in the back of the room, on special stands, tables, or tables.

Keep in mind, creating a floral arrangement that plants do not like frequent changes of places. Therefore, move your "oasis" from place to place is not recommended. But turning the plant on the site from time to time need to get all the leaves get their portion of the sun's rays.

If you like the plant in the store, do not rush to buy it. Ask the Seller, and any conditions of care requires that flower. Otherwise, it may happen that the conditions in your apartment it does not fit, and beautiful flower will wither quickly.

Do not forget that plants - creatures in need of care and thankfully it withdrawn. Only if well cared for flowers in the interior of your apartment will be pleasing to the eye lush foliage and abundant flowering.

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