Equips bedroom

Equips bedroom
 In order for your bedroom cozy and bought a nice view before it build, you need to carefully think through all the details in advance. The main design decisions can become the choice of furniture, wall colors, lighting, and texture of curtains.

Before you arrange the bedroom, you should choose a suitable design for its color. Decide for yourself, in what room you feel more at home during the holidays: with light or dark walls. Blue shades have a positive impact on the strengthening of intellectual activity, they fit fans to read a couple of chapters interesting book at bedtime. Yellow shades adjust optimistic mood, which is very important for people who have to get up early. Green shades soothe the nervous system.

A successful design method - highlight certain areas in the bedroom. With the help of light and tiered ceiling designate areas of sleep, bar area or library can be identified separately from the music area.

After selecting the color and highlight areas it is time to arrange the bedroom furniture. When selecting the size guide her room, do not overload the small bedroom bulky things: they do not create comfort and injected negative atmosphere. The spacious square miniature things, in turn, will look ridiculous. Pick up all the elements in the same style: tables, beds, wardrobes, tables.

Particular attention is given to the bed in the bedroom. It is important to determine the place to install it. If it is intended for two people, you should not put it close to the wall, it is important that everyone can approach it with his hand. An interesting solution - put the bed in a niche in the wall, it can very well beat the special finish or drapery fabric.

The coating on the floor, choose according to your taste. Recommended for use in the bedroom floor coverings made of wood: parquet, laminate. Guest facilities will give the room a small bedside woolen rugs.

Consider the basic and additional lighting. The main light should be bright, use a matte ceiling in the chandelier. For the main light can be used not only to the chandelier, but also numerous lamps, placing them on the walls, and the need to be reflected from the ceiling. Only in this case the lighting is sufficient. As an additional use of light illuminate the niches and bedside lamps with soft light.

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