Ecostyle for your home

Ecostyle for your home
 People chasing fashion, more and more began to build the house, confining their siding, change window wooden frames with plastic. These actions have a specific purpose: to preserve the property for a long time and create additional teplo.No in the house no connection with nature and the cold wall is not pleasing to the eye.

Of course, thanks to modern technology rich people can afford an expensive decoration of houses, replacement of wooden fences on sectional metal, suspended ceilings and new windows. But thanks to such unnatural materials creates a very boring and cold of the house. It seemed to have no soul.

To revive the inner world of his home, you can use the very popular modern design Ecostyle. Thanks to him, the house becomes cozier and warmer. A person in this room feel close to nature.

But it is necessary to distinguish Ecostyle and Eco-house - a house that is built from eco-friendly and natural materials. And finish inside the house also has a natural origin. Ecostyle also includes things made with your own hands, plants and aquariums, kitchen utensils made of natural materials, etc.

Ecostyle presupposes in the house colors of nature: green, brown, blue. For example, you can lay in the living green carpet with high pile for the illusion of grass on the floor. And, for example, the bathroom and kitchen are tiled, the color of which will resemble stones.

Number of furniture in ecological style is minimized. It is desirable that it was made of wood or even MDF. All kinds of woven products, such as chairs, could not be better suited for this style. Also, the original will chair covers made of linen, cotton pillows on the sofa and lamp shade of threads you made with your own hands.

Decorating the room should be as natural as nature itself. Ie items should follow the shape of the tree, hemp, grass, etc. For example, at the foot floor lamp can resemble a tree trunk. For interior decoration in the style of eco necessary condition is the presence of objects from nature, for example, clear vase filled with river stones, real or Koryak from the forest, or a bunch of reeds.

To complete the picture of comfort in the house need to purchase and plant as many indoor plants, make a parrot or canary and play music - sounds of nature. It is this home decoration creates a mood and peace of mind to all family members.

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