Design of an apartment: tips and tricks

Design of an apartment: tips and tricks
 At home with excellent design you see the room a harmonious and complete, no details that prevent and distracting from the overall style. You will not notice the ironing board and vacuum cleaner, modestly pushed into a corner. Thoughtful design allows you to enjoy the comfort and coziness without sacrificing the functionality of the room.
 At independent design houses, apartments or rooms clearly mark for themselves how much money you can allocate for repairs and furnishings. With this in mind the numbers go around furniture salons and shops of finishing materials, or browse relevant pages on the Internet.

It often happens that you just fall in love with a certain thing, and the whole interior has to build around this subject. That is the choice of the rest of the furniture and decor is guided, for example, the style and color of the sofa solo.

In any case, you pick up and make furniture set or individual items, and only then will you buy decoration materials, focusing on the upholstery pieces and samples of wood tones. The choice of paint and wallpaper is incredibly huge, they are very easy to pick up furniture under.

Find a place in the room where you will focus, which will be the center of attraction. Typically, these "magnets" are TV corner fireplace or group.

Do not pick up the furniture and decoration in matching colors. In this case, you get blurred boring interior. Take two primary colors and a couple of neutral shades, which coincide with the principal. So you select the furniture and decor, they "sparkle" and freshen the room.

Try not to put all the pieces of furniture along the walls. Try the creative use of placement and experiment on paper, taking into account all dimensions of the room, window and door openings. Consider a few areas. Do not forget to leave a free passage.

Too many knickknacks (vases, artificial flowers, paintings, frames with photos, souvenirs, and so on. D.) Does not look very stylish. Room will look cluttered and untidy. It is better to divide your collection into several parts, and from time to time change the "exposure".

Clearly imagining what you want, do not give promotions confusing. Do not take low-quality furniture with the sale, even if the price for it "ridiculous." Imagine all the costs of removal of unusable furniture in a year or two and subsequent repair!

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