Curtain Tricks: measurement and planning

Curtain Tricks: measurement and planning
 If your intention is to update the curtains, the pre-calculated amount of tissue and thoughtful design. After making an accurate measurement of the window round the obtained values ​​of up to 5 mm. Take the graph paper and apply the value. If the hand is not turned graph paper, using a simple scale, where 1 cm to 10 cm.  

With the help of tracing paper, apply the plan window. Do not be lazy and create a variety of models of curtains with fixing. Experiment with the length, with a baguette for curtains. Clearly mark where the fixture will be located on two sides and top of the window. To use the exact pattern of baguette.

Recheck the desired width and height at least three times. First, measuring tape to attach the top of the frame, lower it to the floor. Now, measure the height of the cornice or ceiling to the top of the window. Third, take a measurement from the ceiling to your floor.

When you measure the inner width of the window, make sure you apply all possible problem areas, such as the telephone socket. Go to the measurement of the external width of the window. Then spend metering space travel curtains or drapes around the windows. Do not take into account the pattern and a bookcase.

Take a few steps back and see whether there was some ugly places that you want to close.

After purchasing proceed to uncover. Lay the fabric on the table and check for marriage: elongated threads, stains, dyro chki, discolored areas. Circle them from the inside with chalk.

Bend section on common thread, align whether tsevye side and shear pins to bend and edges. If your fabric is narrow, then bend it is not along the length and width. If the fabric with a nap or on a one-sided picture tions, then place the pattern pieces so that the pile or drawing has the same direction.

Remember that the fabric with a nap will increase the effect of depth, if the pile is from the bottom up. On the wrong side of the fabric, apply arrows to mark the direction of the drawing.

If you bought a fabric with a large symmetric strip or cell, then arranging them so that the middle of the strip or cells coincides with the center of the curtains.

First, place the large pattern pieces, followed by smaller ones. If you want to save consumption of tissue, the Strive to reduce the gaps between the parts. Colitis pattern pieces in several places pins after a continuous thin line circle. The dashed lines apply seam allowances, clear pattern, fabric fasten with pins and start tailoring.

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