Cozy kitchen for Lady

Cozy kitchen for Lady
 Kitchen today is perhaps the most important place in the house. Unfortunately, very often it is small and cramped. But if you equip it with love and knowledge of the matter, it is possible, as if by magic, to expand the space of the most comfortable and surprisingly comfortable.
 On the beautiful and exquisite cuisine woman can create real masterpieces of culinary art. And in order to realize this, just need to plan everything properly. To begin to determine the style and choose the one that you prefer: modern, antique, strictly sleek high-tech provincial or country, or a thematic focus - Japanese, English, Russian folk. From your choice will depend on the color palette of a kitchen.

At present, there are more and more options for combining the use of finishing materials for walls: ceramic tiles, decorative plastic or wood panels. Their color should cause of peace and tranquility. Actual colors: creamy off-white, pale blue, pale green. Bright spot on the wall can be embroidered or hand-painted tack plate.

As a suitable tile flooring, it must be good to wash, to be resistant to mechanical damage. If you prefer a soft floor in the kitchen, then it Cover the carpet, having a water-stain-resistant properties. As an alternative suitable linoleum with a minimum thickness of 5 mm.

To preserve the unity of style is not advisable to buy furniture interior attributes alone, it is better to order them directly from the manufacturer. Most rational to choose dishes from MDF. They do not require special care, easy to use, affordable prices and have for many years to preserve the excellent appearance.

Pattern the kitchen window curtains short with good protective properties, because of the practicality of the starting material depends harmony and unity of style. Decorative things delicately accentuate the combination of dishes and techniques suitable for this original shelves, silk cords on blinds or exclusive jars of coffee. For a cozy kitchen need to lay down as a mosaic pattern, where cutlery and crockery would fall into place, it should be placed away everything that is not in use constantly. Cups and spoons conveniently placed on special stands or wall hooks, pots and pans with unusual shapes can be arranged on top of the cabinets. Another good idea would be to think about choosing and buying a new kitchen utensils. Creative imagination and creativity, then your kitchen is a favorite place in the house where it will meet the whole family and friends.

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