Citrus houseplants: bright fairy tale on the windowsill

Citrus houseplants: bright fairy tale on the windowsill
 Potted citrus plants are interesting enough, and with proper care can please their owners, even fruit. Therefore, many tend to settle on the windowsill is a small tree exudes a delicate fragrance, not always knowing that it requires special treatment.  
 In a typical apartment can be successfully grown lemon, lime, grapefruit, mandarin, orange. The speed of their fruiting depends largely on the degree of illumination of the room, which houses the plant. Slight shading painless carries only a lemon, but it needs a lot of light. Therefore, in the short days of winter citrus plants must also be highlighted.

Certain features and has a temperature range: for a successful flowering and fruit in winter the room must be no higher than 12 degrees Celsius.

Care citrus plants includes regular abundant watering during the summer. It is best to use for this pre otstoennuyu and slightly heated water. In winter, the plants watered once a week, avoiding drying earthen coma. Leaves love humidity, so they should be sprayed daily.

Winter citrus plants in the house going through a period of rest, so they are not fed more than 1 time per month and not transplanted. Ideal for feeding organic fertilizer, but to use them in a city apartment is not always possible and not too comfortable. Therefore, we can restrict ourselves to conventional mineral fertilizers applied to the soil after watering. Summer citrus fed every 10 days.

Care foliage includes not only regular spraying and washing away the dust. Citrus is necessary to form the crown by topping. In addition, this procedure stimulates flowering, it allows you to trim a tree or shrub. For this purpose, each shoot is left for three to five leaves, and pluck the crown. It should be remembered that stops flowering vegetative growth of plants, so before you begin to bear fruit, it must have time to form a good crown.

Transplanted trees have grown up in the spring, no more frequently than once every two years. In any case you can not change the conditions of detention of flowering or fruiting plants, otherwise high risk of dropping buds and fruits.

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