Choose a mirror for bedroom

Choose a mirror for bedroom
 Mirrors - one of the favorite tools of designers. With the help of mirrors can liven up the interior, visually enlarge the space, "raise" the ceiling or make refract light at a right angle, allowing you to create incredible lighting effects. Mirrors can be long and different experiment, but the device is not up to the bedroom experience, because this room is only for rest and sleep.

Proponents of the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui are advised not to place in the bedroom too many mirrors, as they stimulate the accumulation of Qi energy, and this, in turn, can cause sleep disturbances. Also harmful to install a mirror so that people saw him as himself lying in bed.

In mysticism mirrors paid a lot of attention. According to various beliefs and teachings mirror is original gate, door to go dead souls in the world of the living. It is unlikely that impressionable people can sleep peacefully knowing that through the mirror to them looks something inexplicable or frightening. The abundance of mirrors in the monastery of sleep can cause feelings of depression and anxiety, and instead of a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere will be felt a discomfort.

However, very clean mirror from the bedroom there is no need. And it's not always lay modern apartments allows you to organize the space in accordance with all their desires. You can put a small mirror on the bedside table or place a mirror wall side in the headboard. This will enable and make the space lighter and, at the same time, people will not see your reflection on waking and at bedtime. This position is consistent with the teachings of Feng Shui, which, incidentally, allows for the mirror and on the inside of the door wardrobe.

At one time there was a massive passion for people decorated ceiling mirrors bedroom. This option is probably suited extraordinary and bold personality. In addition to the originality and beauty of this design interior bedroom can give a few surprises. Firstly, a mirror reflects any movement which is fixed brain, even if it happens unconsciously. Hence, rather than to tune in to rest, the brain is in operation and continues to process information. And people need to rest sometimes, even from himself. Secondly, taking into account all the nuances of construction in our country, the mirror above his head will be an additional source of anxiety and feelings: what if it falls?

An interesting solution would be decorating a small bedroom wall mirrors, located on different levels-they create a nice light effect, as in artificial and in daylight and will not overload the eye.

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