Bedroom interior: how to optimally allocate space

Bedroom interior: how to optimally allocate space
 Bedroom - one of the most intimate places in the apartment. There's a man goes to rest and given to the arms of Morpheus. But what to do if you have a small living space, and the square meters allocated for the bedroom, is clearly not enough for the placement of all necessary furniture. The problem is quite solvable. Even in small areas can be efficiently allocate space to where it was comfortable and cozy.

To get started is to present all the details: the location of the furniture, colors, and then have to outline the plan directly. Must be as accurate as possible to work out all the details, because in self-arrangement of his "nest" can easily run into unforeseen circumstances. For example, not enough space or passage is too narrow. Therefore, for the purchase of a new Medela go with the sentiments in his hands.

Professional designers when working with small bedrooms pay special attention to the lighting and the angle of incidence of sunlight, thereby trying to visually enlarge the area of ​​the room. To do this, replace the dense curtain light transparent tulle or blinds, and not to put near the window bulky cabinets, barrier free access to natural light into the room.

If you are not a fan of carpets and various coatings, then it is better to put flooring - is both beautiful and high quality. You may want to replace it with less expensive copy laminate. Next, go to the choice of the color theme. Everyone has their own preferences, however, are recommended for healthy sleep warm pastel colors that are calming effect on the human-stock system.

The most important thing - it's the arrangement of furniture. Try to organize the space most convenient for you. If you are a fan of exercise "feng shui", then apply their knowledge, but still you should not put a bed across the aisle, and a bedside table near the door. It is desirable to place the bed against the wall. Thus, the saving of the space.

Close to the bed put a nightstand, on which it will be possible to put a lamp, alarm clock and other little things. Just along one wall, place the rack, so no problems there to clean things, and attached to its door mirror visually enlarge the room. In any case not zagromozhdaye all corners - it's just uncomfortable. Do not create an atmosphere of chaos and clutter. The more free angles, looks more harmonious atmosphere in the bedroom. Once again I appreciate the correctness of colors - all the interior details must lead to the same dial tone denominator. Also, try to avoid flashy colors too bright tsvetvyh spots.

Always remember that if you are faced with the problem of resettlement bedrooms and can not solve it, contact the special agency. Professional designers will come to your aid.

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