Art deco style in the interior

Art deco style in the interior
 Art Deco is one of the most expensive styles. Using luxurious and exclusive materials in stressed simple and streamlined shapes can afford to rich people who appreciate not only comfort but also prestige.
 A list of materials used to create the luxurious interiors, wide: ivory, crocodile leather, bronze, gold and silver. In combination with glass and chrome-plated metal, marble and precious natural wood interior in Art Deco style not only looks elite, but also functional, modern and practical. Severe forms, simple lines and smooth curves - simple, elegant, high quality and very rich. Art Deco did not exclude the presence of modern finishes, the latest technology and fashionable colors - on the contrary, in company with original frescoes, ethnic textiles and avant-garde elements, it looks harmonious and natural.

You can draw in art deco style apartment or cottage - it is equally impressive look in any room. Living will look sophisticated, presentable and elegant - bright furniture, leather trim, solid countertops noble marble floor geometric elements, etc. Bedroom in the art deco style a bit cold and impersonal, but also to the apartment there is a demand, because of the wealth is difficult to refuse. Kitchen will resemble high-tech abundance of technical improvements, glass and chrome, but instead of plastic there is dark wood, and instead of the same type dishes - passed down from generation to generation sets of silverware and porcelain.

Interior for selected may resemble a hotel room or a private yacht cabin - so clearly everything is subordinated to a mixture of classics with modernity, exclusively, mature and solid. On accessories, you should not save - details are important. Decorate the walls with one picture, but it must be original and occupy as much space. Crystal chandeliers, floor lamps and sconces should be an unusual shape, and ceramic figurines must necessarily depict something bizarre and unknown understanding.

In these interiors can often find elements of the good life: indoor fountain, a collection of fans, fireplace with wrought iron railings, catwalks low. Communication with the East obvious - there is also love to splurge. Making one of the rooms of his home in the Art Deco style, try not to save, otherwise your interior will look like a ridiculous parody of glamor, style and sophistication.

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