What do erotic dreams

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 Psychologists and sexologists have found that erotic dreams dream for most people. With age, tend to decrease the number of these dreams. Most of these dreams are not talking about any deviations, but the knowledge hidden in these symbols help to learn more about themselves and their hidden desires.

Sexologists are three types of erotic dreams: sexually explicit, symbolic and abnormal. The first type are dreams in which a man makes love. These dreams show unrealized fantasies and hidden desires, it does not matter whether you are engaged in sex with a famous person or participate in an orgy.

The second type is the so-called dream symbols. They often dream of a notorious people brought up in severity, so that from an early age taught that sex is shameful. In this case, the brain is like "encrypt" dreams so that people, seeing at first glance quite erotic things, takes them in his own way, and it makes him sexual arousal. These symbols may include: falling, flying, going up and down stairs, towers, hills, and so on.

Abnormal dreams belong to the third type is homosexual dreams or dreams about the sex change. Such visions are not dangerous and do not talk about unhealthy inclinations of those whom they dream of. Erotic dreams in which a woman sees himself as a man speaks of curiosity and desire to understand the woman that feels partner.

Psychologists distinguish five scenarios underlying erotic dreams.

Sex with ex-partner. If such dreams dream occasionally and are not obsessive character, nothing to worry about, it's just random memories. Greater importance of recurring dreams, especially if you continue to communicate with ex-husband or boyfriend, but they do not say that you still have some feelings. Most likely, that you still have unresolved issues with him and the case or feelings of anger for past wrongs. Also, according to sexologists, the emergence of "former" in dreams can talk about some hidden desires that you have associated with it: freedom from family routine or surprise and spontaneity in their sexual lives.

Dreams about sex with the star most women dream of. Such dreams may be referred to as simple embodiment of hidden desires, and about some of immaturity. But if in a dream featured a famous person, who in real life you do not like it too much, it can talk about your desire to have something that is not available to you, the desire to stand out from the crowd, to be special.

Even if your erotic dream invades someone who lives in you is not pleasant, then worry about it not worth it. Most likely, this man has some qualities that you would also like to have (tenacity, independence, etc.). Also similar dreams say about boredom in your personal life or that you are tired work (if dreams colleague). Sex, as a rule, in such dreams monotonous and boring.

Many women fear that dreams about having sex with another woman talk about their latent homosexuality, as a rule, it is not. In most cases, these dreams are saying about your desire to rise to her level, have some of its qualities. Also, these dreams can say that in real life you do not get enough attention, sensitivity, tenderness.

If you are looking for diversity, tired of everyday life, or simply possess a well-developed imagination, the protagonist of your sexual fantasies can become a stranger. Sex with a stranger, taking place in a public place, and if you are caught on while having sex, talking about anxiety. Most likely you are experiencing discord with a partner, experiencing fear intimacy or other fears.

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