Uncover a lust for life

Uncover a lust for life
 Beast when he ate and is safe, relaxed lies to avoid wasting energy, which still need to hunt or fight with competitors. In this respect, a man far removed from the animal. If it suits all, he is in no hurry to do something interesting and useful. Nothing new habits like ... commitment to gradually suppresses thirst for life. Same days go by, one after another ... Not tired?  

Try to spend with yourself psychological exercise "Jinn." Its essence is simple - what I want, I do! Only we have to act immediately, here and now, without excuses. On the first day of his desire to fulfill one, then two, then three and so on, until it becomes a habit. Need to hide from everyone exactly what you are going to make (to then happily tell already done), and try to overcome laziness.

Love what you do. That is worth doing what you enjoy. Lust for Life involves pleasure. And by the way, they rightly say that good work - is a fascinating thing, for which more money and pay.

Think optimistic motto. Remember it when the rolls boredom, doubt or frustration ...

Find what inspires you and adjusts to the feats, even small. This can be your favorite music or aroma ... Yes, anything resembling the wonderful moments that are important to repeat!

Be reckless! Concludes with a debate and a bet. You will have the satisfaction of victory. You can reward yourself with something.

Leave the "comfort zone". Disclose a thirst for life - is to try something new, to go, to change the situation, etc. The main thing - to decide!

Dream, plan, set goals. Thus you will move forward. Do not limit your ambitions do not stop there. When you want to "drop everything" - continue to make your life rich and diverse despite any "dark bands".

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