How to survive the insult

How to survive the insult
 Sometimes people cause each other serious offenses, but the most severe cardiac injury may cause only close person who knows all your most vulnerable places and able to skillfully play on the thin strings of the soul. How to forget all the sorrows and insults and start to live? That will allow you to survive the bitter resentment and regain legitimate joy of existence?
 If you inflict severe pain or resentment, first, try to remember as little as possible about this unpleasant incident that brought you a lot of negative emotions. Do not go back again and again mentally at this point. Try to focus your attention on the positive experiences of communicating with the person you are disappointed. As a rule, bright memory relationship outweighs unpleasant moments. Never forget that. In this knowledge lies the salvation of your soul in difficult situations.

Also, try as soon as possible to understand and forgive your abuser. Remember that the conflict is always to blame both sides. Try to understand the causes of the excess. To do this, impartially and objectively look at the conflict. You may be able to feel and guilt that caused a reaction.

Talk honestly and openly with those who hurt your confidence. Try together to reach a compromise, asking one another for forgiveness. Even if you do not feel guilt, it is possible that it is still there. Therefore, it is wiser to go first to be reconciled, especially if you value your relationship and do not want to cross out the person offended you out of my life.

If you are not ready to continue the relationship after the offense, start to ignore the one who played at your feelings. Be indifferent to him and refrain from further communication. Increase the number of contacts with relatives and interesting people, begin to communicate more often with wildlife, sports. Active work also saves you from negative thoughts and painful memories. Strive to ensure that you have not had free time for idleness and sad thoughts. It happens more often in society, avoid loneliness.

In no case do not feel sorry for yourself. Be a fighter. Remember that all the trouble you are able to overcome to become even stronger, more experienced and wiser. Smile fate, and she will wrap you return radiance.

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