How to get rid of his own jealousy

How to get rid of his own jealousy
 Jealousy will burn inside you, if you can not be controlled. Under the influence of these destructive feelings you may worsen relations with a loved one, wrongly calling into question his loyalty.
 For a start look at the reasons of his jealousy. Objectively examine the facts that prompted you to gloomy thoughts. Try slowly, in a relaxed atmosphere logically think and decide whether it is a worthy cause for jealousy.

Understand why you are jealous. Do you really think that you are a man is cheating on you, or is willing to change, or you just offended his attention to other girls. If you want your favorite communicated only with you, it's not jealousy, and selfishness and possessiveness to a dear person.

In this case, you should reconsider its position. Limiting the freedom of man, you slowly pushes it to rupture. Moreover, this situation could be repeated with another person, because the reason is you.

Discovering that you are starting to boil, when you see how your partner just talking with another woman, stop yourself. Immediately switch to other thoughts. Think, for example, about the upcoming holiday, about his work, about what kind of hairstyle you'd better do it.

This method is suitable only if your jealousy is unfounded. When you have a good reason to doubt the loyalty of men, it is better to call it a frank conversation. Observe his behavior. With his flashy angry and unwilling to continue the conversation did not exert pressure on the man, but draw their own conclusions. Perhaps it has something to hide.

If a man calmly explains to you your position, try to stand in his place. Even among kindred spirits may have different views on some things.

Cope with unfounded jealousy will help you a professional psychologist. Perhaps the reason lies in your lack of self-confidence. The specialist will reveal the real motive, which directs you and tell you how to adjust your behavior.

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