Structure of optimism and man

Structure of optimism and man
 Man after his birth - a white sheet, and only make the environment become a pessimist or an optimist it. In this case, this choice largely determines the destiny of man and his success. How Come? Is it so important that choice?  

His view of optimism and pessimism is at the world famous Martin Seligman. Moreover, this specialist even spent a lot of research on this topic.

Pessimism and optimism in the concept of Seligman, are imposed on the person as a child, and his own parents and the general system of education. The fact that both teachers and parents in many ways more actively include errors of the child, and not to his good luck and victory. Full loop on the negative results in the future to ensure that the child himself assesses the negative side and all waiting for the same. Who will grow out of this kid, but a pessimist?

If we talk about already adults and mature personalities, the optimists and pessimists radically different perceptions of life. Thus, optimists perceive failure as just a bad coincidence. As for the victories and successes, it is their only optimists believe their merit. This is something, and, in general terms, the essence of optimism.

As for the pessimists and pessimism, these people perceive everything is fundamentally wrong. Not only that, they are constantly afraid of the possibility of defeat and failure, even if he wins, they remain dissatisfied. How Come? Yes, because even achieve victory, in their opinion, it was possible to lower cost, effort, and the like. And the victory itself, unless such a prize brought, as it should be? In general, the pessimists themselves looking for the problem and come up with them where they are not.

It is clear that optimism as a way of life brings greater success to his followers. In addition, these people get sick less, live more happily and achieve, as a rule, more.

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