Scandal or "harmless" ladies "hobby"?

Scandal or "harmless" ladies "hobby"?
 Yes, there is a lady's "hobby" - in the company of friends to discuss the recent secular news, showbiz stars and TV shows, politicians and their wives. But there is, perhaps, the more popular topic than missing girlfriend. Here we can not stop - we can share with each other, even dirty gossip who heard against them, and sometimes come up with their own couple - three of these "news".

So whether it is harmless, it is our hobby? As for the politicians, movie stars and stars of show business, it is not even called gossip, so talk about anything, exchange of news about someone else's life. But here if you are constantly pulling on the talk about mutual friends, discussing their appearance, physique and character flaws, their personal lives, it is an alarming symptom.

Sometimes, talking and discussing someone's flaws, you subconsciously trying to disguise their lack of self-esteem, which you know very well yourself. When you talk about someone she does not know how to dress or behave properly with men, you thus seem to emphasize that you are - an expert in these areas and so you something and know how to dress, and behave like men necessary. Thus, the desire is simply a product of pozloslovit own inferiority complex.

In addition, to discuss someone's personal life is generally taken by those people who have their personal lives or not it is so uneventful and emotionally, that requires replenishment from the outside. Watch for these people from the outside. They are always ready to discuss, if not his friends, so life heroes series, perceiving it as a reality. Stay away from these and do not be like them, monitor their desires to live someone else's life, saturated with events and emotions of their own.

The only reason to discuss the missing girlfriend is a sincere desire to help, if she was in a difficult situation, and you're all worried for her. Here is just not worth it to pretend that it is her own business. But do not waste your time just a statement of fact, think about what she can to help. Just do not forget to tell her that you were concerned about her difficulties and offer her their solutions to its problems. Even if they are not useful, your girlfriend will thank you for your honesty and care.

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