One and happy! This is what happens?

One and happy! This is what happens?
 One of the most unpleasant stereotypes states: a woman can not live without my family, and her happiness - a husband and children. A lonely but happy life lady some people sometimes look like a white crow, completely oblivious to the fact that a person could be self-sufficient.
 The ability to be happy without a man - this is not a sign of "wrongness" of women, but a real gift. The situation is complicated by the fact that relatives, friends and colleagues from time to time start wondering when will finally have a lonely ladies will be a man, subtly hinting that it probably is something wrong. Do not take to heart these words, or you yourself begin to doubt yourself and miss your happiness by asking his low self-esteem and even dreams about the poor, but of a man.

Lonely lady available what is devoid married. It can make a career for his own pleasure, not spending time on the men and the additional household chores. Lonely woman is free to walk wherever he wants and do whatever you want without fear of jealousy, scandals and clarify the relationship. She can spend money on yourself and do not account for every purchased blouse or skirt. Happiness is a single woman depends on her own, and this is especially fine.

The most important secret of happiness lies in the free woman refusal to impose on society setting "alone - so defective." In the end, it's better to be unmarried successful business lady, than make the wrong choice and suffer from the constant scandals or, even worse beating. Think about it, and you will realize that to build happiness alone is easier than with the other person. Over time, a single woman can find a man worthy of her and create a family with him, but do not try to speed up the process. Let it go, because it is better to find a single favorite 40 or 50 years, than to jump out to marry the first counter 20 to escape from loneliness.

If, however, it so happened that freedom does not bring satisfaction, try to get rid of the feelings of longing. Often communicate with friends, spend time in good company, do some interesting hobbies, work, and little by little you save money, not forgetting along the way to spend part of their salaries for themselves. You can engage in improving their living conditions, to travel, buy a car or even start their own business. All these activities will help to distract from gloomy thoughts.

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