Management of the brain. Who and why?

Management of the brain. Who and why?
 Brain - the main organ of the human body that is responsible for the action of the central nervous system, the mental condition of the person and his actions. Manage brain - so wholly or partly is subject to the rights and exercise control over his thoughts.  

Scientists from Israel believe that will soon be able to control the work of the human brain, and these actions will help people rid them of unwanted memories. By conducting experiments on fish and rats, the scientists found a new method of controlling the brain. They believe that their work in the future may be the first step towards the creation of drugs that allow to control the functions of the brain responsible for memory of man.

In this case, scientists believe that they have invented a drug that will help in addition to getting rid of unwanted memories accurately determine whether such memories forever be erased. But that's not all. Israeli scientists believe that by erasing the memory and control over the brain can solve many problems psychological plan (mental disorders and the resulting psychological trauma), which are connected with the negative events in a person's life. But all this requires experimental tests already on the people themselves.

However, with all the views of scientists dispersed and many believe that the experiments carried out on animals can not be trusted, because they did not ask, they remember the event or not. Also, consider unsafe to carry out such tests of the drug in humans, since there is a possibility erase all memory.

Now, about who and what you need to control the brain. This is advantageous, especially intelligence agencies to by "zombie" to obtain reliable important, interesting information. By controlling the electromagnetic effects or ekstrosensornyh opportunities brain, you can get all the information about the thoughts and actions of man, not only for the period of action in the brain, but long before that, as in the memory, which is responsible for the brain, remain absolutely all aspects of life. Brainwashed people willing to do anything they can fearlessly start a war and to participate in military action, can cause harm to others, by subjecting those who need it, and at the same time they are not aware of their actions, being completely subordinated to the will of those who govern them.

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