Lonely or free?

Lonely or free?
 For many women, life without a man seems like a waste of time, a segment bleak fate. Surrounding sympathize with your loneliness. Is it scary or we do not know how to value freedom?
 You no one to meet, and it bothers you. Your friend excitedly talk about their relationship, no matter they are happy or not. You would think that they have a real life, because it is they talk about love, romance write SMS, they are jealous, they change in the end. You live quietly but feel mired in the swamp of monotony.

You want to love and romance. So nice to sit on the couch with your favorite embracing man, watching a movie or just talk about anything. How often do not want to go back to an empty apartment. Why put things in order at home, deal with them if no one appreciated?

You would think that with the advent of the men in your life, you will feel secure, can afford to be weak and defenseless. But suffering from his loneliness, you do not think that freedom can be enjoyed.

Women who are not related relationships, often look better than their non-free girlfriends. Nothing surprising. In your refrigerator kept healthy foods: vegetables, fruits, yogurts. If your apartment does not appear a man, no need to buy the sausage, to which can suddenly pull the night. After work, you go to the gym or beauty salon, and do not rush home to cook a three course dinner.

You are responsible only for yourself, live by their rules. Your house looks the way you want it. During the cleaning you do not shovel mountains of pistachios from under the couch, do not find dirty socks in the most unexpected corners of the apartment. If your life is not a man, do you spend on housework is several times less time and nerves.

Free woman - the mistress herself. You do not need a man to ask for leave to meet up with friends. You are not afraid of the scene unfounded jealousy, and you can safely go for dinner with a colleague at work, not arguing that it's just a business meeting. You do not need to compromise. Free woman alone makes all decisions, nobody proving his innocence.

Your heart is free, and maybe soon you will experience a new love and happily plunge into a new relationship.

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