Jealousy: what it is

Jealousy: what it is
 Jealousy can be a sign of low self-esteem when a person is afraid that there will be someone interesting to him and his loved one leaves cease to love. Thus, this feeling - a sign of insecurity in itself, in relationships, in a partner.
 Because of its appearance jealousy can be divided into two subspecies. First - it's jealousy treatment. One partner admits the thought of betraying their own (or have really fact infidelity occurs) and projects its tendency on the other.

Jealousy graft - one that is formed as a result of life experiences. People from all sides receive information about infidelity friends, colleagues, from TV shows and movies. And gradually formed the false belief that it is impossible without a betrayal that changes everything.

According to this type of universal human feeling can be divided into normal, to the evolving from low self-esteem, envy, manipulative and pathological.

Normal jealousy - and the usual everyday phenomenon. Man gets jealous of his partner to all around the world - to friends, to work, to hobbies, to require exceptional care partner. Such emotions are characteristic of selfish love, because true love is to understand the desires and feelings partner.

Low self-doubt in their merits lead to the fact that one of the partners ceases to believe in the sincerity of the other's feelings, suspects him of cheating and infidelity. Such jealousy stops only when one realizes his own importance and understand that he is worthy of love and respect.

Manipulation of love - also, unfortunately, a common occurrence. And jealousy here plays an important role. Plays the role of the offended jealous, always making their partner to blame their misfortunes and failures and bad mood. So he achieves that favorite constantly forced to wipe out their "guilt" in front of him, offended.

Pathological jealousy is the most dangerous. It is difficult to control and can destroy the lives of both partners. "Othello" sees treason in all the actions and thoughts of your partner constantly accuses him and scandals. At the same time, he even knowing that there is no reason for such a display of feelings, can not stop. Often in this case, can only help the specialist advice - a psychologist.

Manifestations of jealousy, in principle, a natural thing. We are all human and nothing human we do not bypass. But if we remember that human life is quite short and wasted on fruitless and futile anguish - too unreasonable. You need to enjoy every minute of life together and enjoy every single day.

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