How to tell if you are shy

How to tell if you are shy
 Some situations cause awkwardness and embarrassment, someone constantly inherent modesty and shyness. Nevertheless, it happens that it is necessary to perebaryvat this feeling and talk when the situation requires.
 The first step is to understand yourself what the source hesitate. Often puts us in an awkward position setting, for example, around a lot of strangers, and we must publicly announce something. In this situation, you should consider exactly what you hesitate. Before the performance look in the mirror, give myself up, if not very confident in appearance. Think about how to say what must to get people interested and not to offend anyone. Calm down. Bring thoughts in order and try to remove all sources of inconvenience. If you look fine, and no serious objective reasons in itself is not found, then everything becomes even more simple. Be aware of the feeling that in fact all right, and start talking.

Remember how well would you say, among a large audience there will always be three groups of people: those who treat you with affection, to whom you are unpleasant and those you care about. Just do the right that should not assume that someone can not like it.

Notice for themselves during the conversation that you feel free enough loud you speak. It is best to speak with "head", but so as not to strain your voice. Keep up the volume, which will help a little to distract yourself from unnecessary worries. Confident-sounding talk more attracted to the person or audience, make listening to your speech that you will add more confidence.

If you are honest conversation and do not plan to say anything offensive or bad, try to drive away from himself with excitement. You say natural and right thing, which would be appropriate and perhaps endowed with gratitude. Afraid and feel at ease in this situation is to anything. Think about it and try to relax.

Do not be shy unfamiliar companies. Neither you nor they know practically nothing about each other, to make bad conclusions. To stop shy to speak in such a situation, start with the abstract, neutral topics. If part of the company have long been familiar with each other, listen to what conduct conversations, ask this subject and ask a couple of questions. The main thing - to make conversation, interesting to all. Contact tune itself, and communication will be a relaxed and enjoyable.

If you have to talk any content or intimate inevitable unpleasant conversation on a topic about which you are for internal reasons unpleasant speak frankly and directly, try speaking more figuratively. Summing up the discussion to the uncomfortable things smoothly, are not specific. Try using the hints.

The most important thing - to realize that the false shyness is not always good. At work and in some situations it can hurt. Yes, and in my personal life, family relationships is the use of this quality is not much. You can be a quiet, thoughtful, laconic, but at the same time to be strong and not timid.

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