Get up on the wrong foot or wake up properly

Get up on the wrong foot or wake up properly
 As a rule, our every morning begins with lifting problems. This situation is exacerbated by the cold winter and rainy autumn days when the window is dark and cold, and I want to sleep in a warm blanket. To avoid all this and wake up properly, try to follow a few rules.

If you get up in the morning with difficulty, then we can conclude that you are not getting enough sleep. And why not get enough sleep? Maybe because later go, or your bed is not comfortable. In this case it is recommended to take at bedtime douche, lay a new set of bed linen and beat the mattress and pillows. This will allow you to sleep with the maximum comfort and stand up in a good mood.

Another sure way to wake up properly is to set two alarms. Imagine the morning, you dream, and at this point begins to ring the alarm. You hate it sound want to break it, mentally start to go through all the options for its destruction and eventually wake up with an angry mood. In this case, you can use the second, quieter, alarm clock or cell phone. If you get up for work at 7:00, the second at 6:45 Start Service. Since sound is quieter, you'll wake up gradually and will not be annoyed.

For many people, the only way to wake up in the morning is taking a shower. You can not stand up under the cold water jet. On the morning of our body therefore has a lower temperature, and only warm water will give an extra boost of energy.

A lot of people can not do in the morning without a cup of coffee. Caffeine stimulates memory and improves blood circulation in the brain. It is also very useful to drink in the morning green tea without sugar. This drink is a good source of fluoride and therefore strengthens tooth enamel, preventing the formation of dental caries.

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