Erotic fantasies: what you dream, and what does it mean?

Erotic fantasies: what you dream, and what does it mean?
 In sexual fantasies encrypt your secret fears, needs, complexes. And if it is true to decipher their erotic desire, you can learn about yourself and your loved many interesting things. And then use this information to make your life happier. So, what do you want?

1. Make Love Celebrity

A young girl 14-18 years old dreams of a prince on a white horse. And as in real life, they have not met their ideal, they find their first love on television. They want not only the man she loved, but most likely in need of self-assertion.
In our society, women often perceive on how and with whom she sleeps. You, too, in secret desires are not averse to improve their self-esteem. After all, the famous lover - it's like a trophy that you can show off to your friends. So pay attention to their need for self-realization and try to meet her in a career, a hobby.

You can dream about celebrities because men seem to be not enough for you perfect. If you are over 20 years old and dreams of idols entirely supplanted personal life, then you need to see a shrink.

2. Being raped

Fantasy rape is typical for women who forbid themselves in the subconscious to make love. Perhaps in the early years they were led to believe that sex - it's something shameful. Or somewhere in the brain stuck the idea that a woman indecently get an orgasm.

For women rape fantasy - it is a way to realize their sexual energy. Indeed, in this dream she plays the role of the victim, which means that it is free in his thoughts and in this case there is no sense of guilt.

If this is you, it is worth considering about their sexual behavior. And the help you can apply to a sexologist. Rape dream and faithful wife, who suddenly wanted another man. Perhaps they are even in my dreams did not change her husband's idea of ​​what they are taken by force.

3. Sex with a stranger

Many women, for some reason to be afraid to dream up in bed with someone you love. Or think that it desires repel. And sex with a strange man attracted by the fact that she does not know him. And she did not care what he might think.
It can be revealed by doing what you want without worrying about the consequences. If this is you, try to get closer to her man. You need to learn to talk about their need for sex. Try to make contact with loved ones. Believe me, the more you open, the more attractive awake for a loved one. You are real, with all your wishes and needs. And it's much sexier than the role that you can play for him.

4. Sex with two men

Perhaps you are one of those who wants to be in the spotlight. You want power over men. And, most likely, you gets a struggle between two lovers in an attempt to achieve your favor.
There is nothing unnatural. You should think about why you need so much power. And how to satisfy your desire to lead out of bed.

5. Sex on the public

Girls love often naked. Their beautiful body becomes an occasion for women's pride. And I want to show off their advantages. But if you wish to have someone looking at your sexual intercourse, it means that you are concerned about how you present yourself in the eyes of others. You want to look superlyubovnitsey - this is the reason your passion for nudity.
You can have sex in front of a mirror, it will satisfy your desire to see myself. Or you can have sex in the dark, so you can completely surrender to the senses.

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