At the scene without fear

At the scene without fear
 Stage performance, whether it's a play or a solemn speech, the speaker requires high concentration of thought and discipline. Strongly stands adrenaline, which, depending on the temperament leads a person or exhilaration, or panic disorder. A few tips for those who have a public speech is associated with embarrassment and fear.

If you have not had time to prepare for the performance, use an old trick, presumably invented by American psychologists, imagine your audience in their underwear or naked. In this case, you clothing, and even on a hill, will have a great advantage. The main thing is not to laugh out loud, and condescending smile.

If the statement is planned and inevitably, prepare for it as carefully as possible: make a short warm-up, a few exercises for flexibility. Knead all body parts, including the fingers.

Spend acting training on diction. It consists in the repetition of a few consonants and vowels identified, as well as in pronouncing tongue twisters.

Take a few breathing exercises. If you do not know of any such system, just breathe deeply several times: on inspiration expand the chest and abdomen, and exhale - is reduced.

Talk with your loved one. Optional talk enough to embrace and a few minutes to stand in silence, stroking each other. Some artists recommend to stage shows to have sex. Truth in this advice is: after coitus person feels relaxed and satisfied, and the fear of not thinking.

If you act not alone, spend a joint training with the whole team. Remember how Canadian hockey players pulled his arms and put hands on top of partners. Give and his team know what each other is responsible for all help each other.

At the very stage do not be afraid to seem ridiculous and absurd. To some extent buffoonery can help you. Get yourself under any circumstances. And remember: the audience is not set aggressively to you, the audience, too, want to enjoy your performance.

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