A woman without a maternal instinct

A woman without a maternal instinct
 The main purpose of the women in this world - to give life to a new person. For most women, the birth of a baby is the happiest event. But in the modern metropolis, where people put at the head of a career, there are ladies who do not want to give birth and raise children.

One of the main reasons that occur in girls who do not want to have a baby - is the risk of spoiling the shape after pregnancy and childbirth. These ladies who frighten the thought of appearance during pregnancy and vision plump figure after childbirth, are as kind to deteriorate after breast feeding the child. Beautiful ladies worry that a partner will be disappointed prospective view, and therefore do not wish to have a child.

Another reason for the lack of maternal instinct in women is associated with the modern pace of life. Today, women lead an active lifestyle, they are developing in all areas, be it production, art or business, when this lady often outperform men in their careers.

Birth of a child, according to the girls, to prevent them in career growth and development of their own business. Some of them think that the child will acquire later, thus constantly postponing the birth of crumbs "for later". But this "later" does not always occur, once it turns out that it is too late, and she just can not be a mother.

Many women due to social vulnerability (not having a husband, living space, well-paid job) often go to a medical facility for an abortion. About these young women not to say that they do not have the instinct of motherhood, because they do not believe they are able to provide the child a normal life. A normal mother's wish - to give to the child the best of everything. But in this case it should be remembered - abortion may be unsuccessful, and then give birth to a baby girl will not be able.

But in any case, only solves a woman - to give birth to her child or not. You can not say for sure that each of the fair sex is inherent in the maternal instinct. Sometimes he just wakes up later. However, one thing is for sure - the woman who did not become a mother at a certain age begins to regret it, because sooner or later, the desire to have a normal family there. The main thing is that the moment was not lost.

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