7 reasons to be happy

 We were often attacked by melancholy mood, especially during periods of high load, stress, emotional trials, or simply from lack of vitamins. In such a situation it is important to artificially raise yourself up, so as not to slip into depression. Make it not so difficult. Importantly, every day, morning and evening, telling yourself that you have at least 7 reasons to be happy. If you feel happy, remembering these reasons, it will soon forget about boredom and depression.

The first reason to be happy is that you exist - it is this what you are. You have a body with which you can see, hear, feel the beauty of this world. Think about what you have arms, legs, eyes, through which you can live a full life. And what if something of this, you would not be? Think about how good that you are alive and well, and feel the happiness of the one fact that you exist.

The second reason is that you are beautiful. Even if you are of the opposite opinion on this subject, most likely it is only your low self-esteem. If you have ever talked compliments, you're beautiful. Take it for granted and find the features that you really enjoy yourself in. Every day find yourself in another attractive dash.

Think about what makes you different from other people. Maybe you're good at singing, great cook, or have a talent manager. Feel the happiness from the fact that you have this quality, imbued with its uniqueness. This is the third reason to be happy.

Another reason to be happy that you like. Every person who loves something, and it does not matter if it is not until the handsome prince of your dreams. Maybe you love to parents, relatives, colleagues. If you have pets, they also love you. Feel the center of this love and tell yourself that you are happy.

The fifth reason is that you have an occupation that brings you pleasure. This can be a job that you like to do, or a hobby that brings you joy. Think about how you will do what you like, and feel the happiness from it.

Look around and you will see how beautiful the world around you. Even if you normally do not see it, you should look better. You are surrounded by beauty reigns, it is in the bud dissolve in the falling leaves in a snowflake and other simple things that we are accustomed to ignore. Feel that you have yet another reason to be happy.

Look forward. This can be a trip that you are looking forward to a trip to the parents, the next birthday. Find happiness that lies ahead. If absolutely nothing good is not expected, plan to make a small personal holiday, which you yourself will rejoice. The future that you create with their own hands - the seventh reason to be happy.

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