How to find and not to lose friends

How to find and not to lose friends
 Who is the best friend? And there is a friendship in real life? How to find and keep real friends? These and many other questions we ask yourself as a child and maybe sneaked through life.

First friends we appear in early childhood. Attending kindergarten, and just walking with my mom on the playground, the child finds among many peers who is closer to him, with whom fun to play someone more willing to give up their toys. Then at school we begin to make friends more meaningful, share secrets, to unite against the other, we go to visit a friend, fight, put up, I swear eternal friendship.

Even if formed a friendly team of several people, we tend to find a man who is closer to us than all the others. There are certain stamps relatively friendly relations, well, for example, "female friendship does not happen," or "can not be friendship between a man and a woman", but in fact often found any, a variety of harmonious friendship.

Especially dear to us people friendship that comes from childhood, a person with whom sat at the same desk becomes very close, you trust him the secrets of which no longer knows. A friend - a person in whom you can trust, who knows you well and, most importantly, makes for what you really are. Sometimes that friendship may be interrupted for a long time, sometimes it even a few years. But then, after a while, the power of attraction makes itself felt, and the fate again brings you to the person who "is on the same wave" that you are. Sometimes friendship with the same interests, hobbies, and only limited to those interests. Often begin to make friends when children are born and there are common themes for discussion. Friendship can wear a lot of colors, as long as you are surrounded by interesting people, people with whom you are comfortable, and you can rely on.

Very often, friendship can not withstand the changes that happen to us in life. As a trivial example, which is found at every turn, it's when a friend becomes more successful than the other. On an equal footing at the start, in a few years you can see how much your friend succeeded. Feelings that people experience at the same time very different. Creep (sometimes well-founded, and sometimes not) self-doubt, begin the painful comparison, is clearly not in your favor. And it becomes difficult to enjoy the success of others as well as on the background you start to lag behind. His success can cause envy and even unwillingness to communicate. In addition, it often happens that your interests are beginning to be different. If before you could have fun in inexpensive cafes, now your friend invites you to restaurants, dinners in which you obviously can not afford.

Sometimes it is very difficult to maintain friendships, and sometimes it happens by itself, just friendship goes with you through life and all (in this case, consider yourself lucky). Despite all the difficulties, it's worth strive to maintain friendship, because old friends - people tested not only time, but many situations in which one helped out another winner, did not throw in trouble and was always there, although sometimes thousands of miles away ...

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