Healthy egoism: love yourself and others

Healthy egoism: love yourself and others
 But you love yourself? Answer honestly, before a cunning to anything. As a general rule, if the person to ask this question head-on, it is not just immediately say "yes." Someone even argue that to love yourself - a sign of selfishness, it is ugly and can not do so. It's like a good attitude to his unacceptable and as if it is banned. Healthy ego and say, moreover, necessary in life. After all, if truly love yourself and others, life will sparkle with bright colors, many problems will disappear.
 Love yourself - it is necessary for each person, as air. If someone truly appreciate yourself, it is immediately noticeable. Such a person is confident and, as a rule, everything about him is good. This is logical and fair! You need to love yourself. If the person himself does not think that deserves at least something in life, it is difficult to expect from others a good attitude toward it. But self-love - not an easy thing, this, too, need to learn.

To be selfish - it means to exalt self above all, not paying attention to others, completely disregarding their needs and desires, the love of self implies that you are in tune with their own being, and it allows you to get along with others. Kindness to others does not conflict with a good attitude.

Healthy ego is to accept yourself for what you are, not trying to alter the requirements of the surrounding world. Each person is unique, and you need to love yourself this. Your personality will appear just when you provide it fertile ground. Do not try to conform to someone else's needs.

It often happens that a man who does not love himself, comes up with reasons why this is happening. Someone says: "I have excess weight, and it does not give me love yourself." Another says: "My bad habits are such that about any self-love is not out of the question." But all this is just a vicious circle. As long as you feel bad about yourself, your problems will continue to bother you, but you will not find in himself the strength or will to deal with them. Until you realize that you deserve the best, you will not have the desire to change something in their lives. Maybe so, that you have all right, you just do not love yourself and come up with the shortcomings.

If you are unhappy with themselves, censure and reproach myself close to you will appear in people related to you the same way. They will try to impose your opinion on your account will be eternally unhappy, try to manipulate you and push you to the solutions that are beneficial to them, not you. Self-love means including self-confidence. This means that if you feel good about yourself, you can easily cope with the doubts of those who believe that there is something you are not worthy.

If you feel that you do not value yourself, start to correct the situation. Daily repeated several times before the mirror that you love yourself. Try to do what you need, rather than what is required of you by others.

It is noticed that the cultivation of self-love a person begins to love and others, because he understands that they have a similar problem for dislike of self, a written search disadvantages soul-searching, etc. Surrounding it becomes clear, and therefore - a favorite. And then far to harmony with oneself and the world.

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