Environmentally friendly as a lifestyle

Environmentally friendly as a lifestyle
 The world can do a little better. It need not be listed Forbes. Simply change some habits. Perhaps a "green" lifestyle will first be unusual, but over time you will begin to take an example familiar.
 Of course, the scope of the "green life" could not cause the attention of marketers. Environmental friendliness convince interested to spend as much money. Special cars, solar panels and environmentally friendly fillers for cat litter - for all of this offering to pay, often a lot. However, the "correct" sustainability involves not new spending and saving resources.

"Green" lifestyle means a departure from the desire to consume and replace it with the desire to maximize the use of existing resources. Such thinking is more characteristic of older people who have gone through serious hardship and war. They can learn a special "green" attitude to life.

Start change in thinking should be a revision of the wardrobe. Maybe it's time to give to the poor half of the things that you have not worn? And new to buy should only when they really need, not because they liked. And here ecology? Consumer approach to life - the main enemy of the "green" way of thinking, which can be called even its opposite. In addition, it is important to change some everyday habits.

To save electricity, you need to ensure that the appliances were unplugged when their power is not necessary. They often consume energy even when turned off are connected to the outlet. Refrigerator can only be enabled at all times. By the way, freezer uses less energy if it contains a lot of frozen berries and fruits.

Many cleaners are very harmful to the environment. Without them, you can do using soda, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. Experience shows that they help much worse than advertised scouring powder. Need only a little more than mechanical forces. You can think of an activity using nature.

Environmentally friendly as a lifestyle also implies the rejection of synthetic food such as chips with flavor, in favor of natural organic products. Is it hot boiled potatoes with dill worse with the fat flakes and carcinogens doubtful origin?

"Green" way of thinking will be reflected on your figure and utility bills. Health and wealth are highly complementary sense of harmony with the world!

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