Blender: how to choose what to buy

Blender: how to choose what to buy
 Blender is an indispensable tool in the kitchen. Use it to make a great soup, sauce or cocktail. However, the device has justified their expectations, at its choice should be guided by several parameters, as well as features that further help in the preparation of various dishes and ingredients.

Blenders are stationary and submersible. The latter is characterized in that its handle is a special motor which drives the nozzle unit. By design, it resembles a mixer. The handle is made blender such as steel or plastic. Plastic is not intended for contact with hot food. They are perfect for small chopping foods such as onions, potatoes, or a small amount of stuffing.

Stationary blender has a complete cup in which knives device ground and whipped products. It has a great functional and can grind the various products and also used to prepare various cocktails and batter.

As the functionality of stationary blender closest to the food processor, but the latter has a more impressive dimensions. Immersion blender has less functionality and the number of nozzles, as well as able to perform less work. Although its value is usually much lower.

When selecting primarily necessary to pay attention to the power and speed of grinding. Professional blenders in power can reach up to 1500 watts, while simple household - to 800. The more powerful device, the harder it is able to grind food.

It should also be paid to the existence of special regimes. For example, some blenders have a special pulse mode, with the inclusion of which achieved better mixing.

Also plays a big role the material from which made heads and knives. As a rule, good knives are made entirely of stainless steel. Cheaper options (where steel is made only to the cutting part) are not suitable for long-term use

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